The correspondence between Arnold Schönberg and his pupil Roberto Gerhard provides important insights into the life, work and personality of both composers and sheds light on biographical aspects such as their friendly relationship, Schönberg's stay in Barcelona from October 1931 to June 1932, or Gerhard's desperate attempt, with the help of Pablo Casals and other Spanish musicians, to secure binding contracts for Schönberg in Spain in order to enable the Viennese master, harassed by the increasing anti-Semitism in Germany, to move to Barcelona with his wife and child.

The correspondence, now available in German, English and Catalan, is a historical document on musical life in 20th-century Europe. The First and Second World Wars and the Spanish Civil War (in Gerhard's case) left traumatic traces on both composers, who had to fight for a new existence in exile.

The book makes the reader an eyewitness of the last century and allows us to better understand the history of Europe.

Arnold Schönberg und Roberto Gerhard: Briefwechsel. Bern 2019
Arnold Schoenberg and Roberto Gerhard. Correspondence. Barcelona 2020
Roberto Gerhard i Arnold Schönberg. Correspondència. Barcelona 2020
Kritische Edition | Critical Edition
Hrsg. von | Edited by Paloma Ortiz-de-Urbina